I met the devil and convinced him to dance,
Wars, gangs,
I have seen it all
survived Boko Haram
And read Nabokov in the Sahara

These scars on my heart form a history book
Containing images of millions lost
Their children’s youth deprived by the unjust mystery
I have seen it all,
Survived the the  Illuminati
I sang Bob Marley in the Mediterranean sea

So I Sank and see,
You was in the club
The European Customs sent a press release
‘130 Africans refugees dancing in the Mediterranean sea’
So I disappeared
And convinced the devil to dance with me

Philosophizing About life,
I realised that I miss my countries Mango,
Once you dance with the devil,
All the mangoes disappear.


Kiza Magendane – Dancing witht the Devil without the Mango (2014)


Music inspiration:
I’m So Paid – Akon